Perfected for Acclimatised Performance

In the 1980’s when we began importing machinery, testing showed that overseas product designs didn’t perform at all well in New Zealand climatic growth conditions. We realized that if we were to succeed we would need to adapt the products to suit these tough conditions. With generations of engineering experience at its core and an onsite engineering facility the company was, of course, well equipped to modify equipment to ensure it worked optimally in local conditions.

Stevens Outdoor Power Equipment continues today to design and re-engineer equipment, tailored to the specifics of New Zealand growing conditions. Year round testing in one of the world’s most demanding growing environments results in equipment that is Perfected for Acclimatised Performance.

This adds unique value for our end users in the form of hassle-free operation, saving time and frustration otherwise spent trying to operate machinery not adapted to the demanding New Zealand conditions. Many of our designs and product improvements can be found operating globally today.